Erin Jackson

Artist Statement

My primary concern is the people who come in contact with my art and how they react. The viewer comes with their own set of thoughts due to background, influences, and so forth. At best they have unintended abstract ideas, and at worst, they have concrete ideas of firm definition. Like most artists, I go through an extent of artistic method to arrive at an end point with my work. The place, where this point exists and the people that see my work meet, is the situation I enjoy.

Public and diverse generates dynamic and interesting focus. Showing only to an analogous group of artists and gallery enthusiasts is not the only consultation I am concerned with. Constricting white walls is no match to the elastic multicolored public. My preferred mode of transportation is through humor, enjoyment, and/or love. There are a few reasons for this, but, at the end of the day, if my art has done nothing more, it can create a smile.


Erin Jackson received her artistic training from many different schools and artists from Maine to Oregon to Southern California. In 2007, she eventually completed an MFA in ceramics from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City. Before attending graduate school, Erin was a practicing sculptor and potter in western New York State. In 2008 she moved with her family to Davis, CA. A few years ago she and her husband bought a house and built a studio in Woodland, CA where they now live.