Heidi Bjørgan

Artist Statement

I am a ceramicist and I collect. Overlooked objects, a lamp, an old bread tin with an interesting shape or knick-knacks of low value which have been discarded as trash or have ended up in a car boot sale, that is what I collect. I give these forms a second chance in a new guise, in a new context and sometimes I even add a new function. As a maker my aim is through sampling and remaking to explore the aesthetic potential of the shapes of these objects.

-- Heidi Bjørgan


Heidi Bjørgan was born in Trondheim in 1970 and has lived in Bergen since 1993. She graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design with a master in Ceramic Art as well as Creative Curating. Presently she is represented in the collections of the National Museum, the National Museum of Arts and Design, KODE (i.e. the art museums in Bergen), UD, V&A, and several private collections. She exhibits all over the world and has been represented at important art fairs like Collect in London and NADA in New York. She took part in starting up Nordisk nettverk for samtidskeramikk, (a Nordic network for contemporary ceramics) and has curated shows like Ting Tang Trash and Beyond G(l)aze at KODE in Bergen. At present, Heidi Bjørgan is regarded as one of the most significant Norwegian ceramists.

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