Roy Mayaan

Artist Statement

I'm a potter / interdisciplinary artist. my work examines the social, political, geographical and formal histories of clay making techniques procedures and methods. My artistic process involves the exploration of different materialities of clay through the insertion of novel substances, which are not traditionally affiliated with the ceramic world. I collaborate regularly with artists of varied artistic forms and genres, exhibit and lecture in different places around the globe. As a potter, the most inquiring field of art, I practice different media such as performance, video and graphic design.

My pieces are collected in public and private collections.

I Hold a BFA in Ceramic Design from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem (2002), and an M.A in Multidisciplinary Art Program from Tel Aviv University (2006).

-- Roy Maayan


I've been making ceramics pieces since I was 8 years old. Growing up in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv to a middle-class family, I went to ceramics lesson with my friends. I fell in love with clay. Still in love. Never stopped since then. After high school and military service, I moved to Jerusalem to study at the Ceramics Design department in 'Bezalel' academy of Art and Design. In many ways, those years in Jerusalem of constant research of new materials, of unusual approach to materials, taking it to its liminal stage-designed my life with/next to clay.

I opened my studio in center Israel just after graduation, I crate, collaborate and teach there and also at Benyamini contemporary ceramics center. The first step in the new studio was to publish my graduation project concept-pieces made of glaze only. No clay involved. That was a huge breakthrough for me. I Immediately was invited to exhibit a solo exhibition in Switzerland and the road for international publication, exhibitions and events around the globe was open for me.

-- Roy Maayan

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