Ad van Lieshout

Artist Statement

My work consists mainly of geometric shapes, intuitively constructed from plates of clay. The finish is sober and often monochrome in color using glazes, engobes and sheet metals for decoration. I’m looking for excitement in simplicity by emphasizing the lines, contrasts and / or textures. The outcomes often have to do with things that unconsciously occupies me, such as; life, death, grief, injustice, playfulness, and security.

-- Ad van Lieshout


In 2002 I came to the conclusion that I could not continue my life like this. I had worked in the graphics industry for years and after a severe burnout that lasted 5 years, things really had to change. My doctor advised me not to work with my head but with my hands and that brought me to ceramics. After a number of years of following courses and workshops, my former teacher advised me to go to the academy. I was almost in my fifties and doubted whether I still wanted to do this. “Just go and have a look.”, she said. A few months later I went and was immediately sold. Six years later I graduated in ceramics from IKO the academy of arts in Hoogstraten, Belgium. During 2012, I got the opportunity to work as an on-call worker for sundaymorning@ekwc, an international workplace where architects, artists and designers explore the artistic but also technical aspects of ceramics. An amazing place to gain experience and inspiration. ( In addition, I also work as a mentor for a group of seniors who I guide in their creative activities with sculpture and ceramics.In all it has not been an easy road but I’m glad that I made that choice and became a better person with a passion for ceramics.

— Ad van Lieshout