Judi Tavill ( she/her )

Artist Statement

My biomorphic abstraction couples sculpture with drawing, as I reference the complicated experience of connection.
 Navigating relationships between myself and the greater world, noticing nature’s intricate organization or observing socio-political tension, I find that all connection leads to entanglement. 
 Tree systems, the human body and our interaction with each other and the earth astound me.
 Chaos inevitably ensues, but hope is found in the opportunity to resolve confusion, finding pathways to harmony.
I reflect upon this as my hands connect with clay, building coil atop coil to create gestural forms that join or link together.  
I paint the fired clay, then draw with graphite developing depth as the lines twist, layer, or separate along the surface. 
Form is line and line is form, enhanced by negative space and shadows.
 This work leads the eye on a circuitous journey that will end or resolve, reflective of our shared experience.


Judi Tavill( NJ) creates biomorphic abstraction coupling sculpture with drawing that references the complicated experience of connection and entanglement.

After receiving her BFA from Washington University in Saint Louis, Tavill began her creative career as a fashion and textile print designer, culminating as the head designer/director for Lilly Pulitzer. Motherhood allowed for a shift in her journey and upon discovering clay, she went on to become an accomplished fine craft ceramic artist. Her ceramic work has been shown in a variety of venues including the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show, the Grand Gallery, City Hall, Las Vegas, multiple national competitions and is in the permanent collection of the Flint Institute of Art Museum.

Pursuing a post baccalaureate graduate degree through the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth in 2020 served as a catalyst to pivot the focus of Tavill’s practice toward abstract contemporary art. This has led to inclusion of her new work in the New Jersey Arts Annual 2022 as well as the Education Gallery at Grounds for Sculpture. 

Tavill finds her circuitous path as a creative artist to be an ongoing adventure in investigation, discovery and awareness.