Nasrin Iravani

Artist Statement

In exploring feminine narratives in aesthetics, politics, history, and personal experiences, I use the concept of art as a tool to address contemporary women’s rights and concerns. My work, with symbols and signs of traditional Iranian art, is attempting to showcase some of the history and culture of my country that gives me a sense of identity, tranquility, and confidence. I use elements such as asymmetry, color contrast, and the simultaneous presentation of the inside and the outside of some of my pieces to convey my own conflicts with Iran's traditional ways, especially regarding the role of women. While incorporating signs of traditional and contemporary art, I strive to reflect the view that the relationship between tradition and modernity needs to be continuously reconsidered.

-- Nasrin Iravani


Nasrin Iravani has a MFA in Studio Arts (Ceramic) at the University of Alabama. Her educational background including BA and MA in Handicrafts from the Tehran University of Art, has provided her with variety of visual inspirations and good knowledge of Iranian art and history. The subjects of her work are longing and memory expressed through art and the culture of her country, Iran (Persia). “I as an Iranian woman who studied and lived in Iran, and now living and working in the United States deal with much pull and push about modernity and tradition.”, she said. One of her most important concerns is the recognition of the taste and artistic vision of modern society and the adherence to the limitations of traditional art, so that, by combining these two together, she can reach a common point in the production of art, and as a woman, being fitting, as well as possible in her role in society.She has participated in many national and international art exhibitions and conferences including Artigiano in Fiera Handicraft Exhibition in Milan (Italy), Fitur exhibition Feria Internacional de Turismo in Madrid (Spain), International Handicraft Exhibition in Tehran (Iran), Graduate Student Biennial Exhibition of The Clay Studio in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Content Matters Exhibition of Marin MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Novato, (California), and more.