Shamai Gibsh

Artist Statement

The Story of Civilization is built by the culture that creates it. The historical connection to the place, the conceptual background and collective expression as well as individuality mark the boundaries of reality and the price paid to achieve it.

In my work I transforms clay into conceptual objects and fluctuates between abstract and form. I share my internal reflection and personal insights and their significance on the individual and the reciprocity with society and culture.

I often utilize the ancient Hellenistic technique of painting and covering with Terra Sigillata. Natural samples of earth gathered in Israel and around the world, are the source of the multicolored palette. The warm hues create the backdrop where the imagery meets infinity. Exemplifying different methods of alternative firing, I transgress the traditional and anticipated, and creates an individual language to my work.hods of alternative firing, I transgresses the traditional and anticipated, and creates an individual language to my work.

-- Shamai Gibsh


Shamai Gibsh grew up in Israel and educated as an engineer and ceramicist in the USA and Israel. He is a member of IAC-International Academy of Ceramics, the international Board Member representative in ICAN, and a member of the Israeli Ceramic Association.

Shamai gives multiple workshops in his unique alternative firing techniques all over the world and teaches at the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He has participated in many residencies and exhibitions, and his art is in collections of multiple Museums and private in Asia, Europe and USA.