ArtAxis.org is an evolving independent network of contemporary artists and their work.

The mission of ArtAxis.org is to help promote the professional pursuits of the artists within the ArtAxis.org community. Utilized by instructors, students, gallerists, curators, the general public, and contemporary artists, the resources on ArtAxis.org make significant contributions to the professional reach of the artists on the site, and to the field itself. The ArtAxis.org website strives to be a direct and unobtrusive conduit between viewer and artist.

When was ArtAxis.org founded?
ArtAxis.org was founded in 2005 and started by hosting an initial group of 10 artists.  The site has grown to hosting over 250 artists and has been responsible for numerous exhibitions and other opportunities for its community of artists.  The site was founded by artists and remains focused on its initial mission to support the endeavors of the artists that are part of its community.

Who manages the ArtAxis.org website?
In 2013, ArtAxis Organization, Inc. was formed to manage the ArtAxis.org website and help the site realize it's full potential. The Board of Directors of ArtAxis are: Dylan Beck, Adam Welch, Dandee Pattee, Alanna DeRocchi, and Samuel Johnson, with the founder of the site, Brian Harper, serving as the Executive Director. Find out more about the Board of Directors here

How does the jury process work?
In order to maintain a high standard of work, ArtAxis uses an anonymous jury process.  Prospective candidates are juried by seven randomly selected members of ArtAxis, giving each member on the site an opportunity to take part in the future direction of this growing network of artists.  The jury process rotates between members and is completely anonymous; there is no contact between the members of the jury and/or the candidate.  Each juror communicates directly with the ArtAxis Organization with their decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the prospective candidate.

We currently have almost 200 ArtAxis members participating in the jury process. The large number of jurors allows each member to have a voice with regard to the relevancy of the proposed work in the greater scope of contemporary art practice, while allowing for a more broad and diversified representation of the types of work the ArtAxis community represents.

Is ArtAxis.org only for ceramic artists?
No.  Currently, most of the artists on ArtAxis are primarily working with clay, however we are interested in having a broader, more interdisciplinary scope to the website.  Artists working in any media are encouraged to apply.

How is ArtAxis.org funded?
ArtAxis is funded entirely by donations and application fees.  If you are interested in helping to support this resource, click here.

Are the images on ArtAxis.org copyrighted?
The images of artists and their works remain the property of the individual artists, who allow ArtAxis.org to display those images.  One of the goals of ArtAxis.org is to promote discussion, interaction and collaboration. Therefore, ArtAxis.org permits fair use of the images on this site. Fair use can include using the images for noncommercial, educational purposes.  Any use beyond fair use is prohibited.  Please consult our full copyright information here.

How many people are using ArtAxis.org?
The site averages between 130,000 - 150,000 page views per month from as many as 95 countries worldwide. We have received countless "thank you's" from artists, curators, and educational resources that have been using the site as a source for curating exhibitions as well as a place to go to browse through a great curated collection of artwork.

What should I do if I have trouble viewing this site?
If you have problems viewing the images on this site, make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed here. If you have trouble viewing any of the other components of this site, try the Firefox web browser here. If you have any other difficulties, please click on the "contact us" link above and let us know.