If you would like to apply to be a member of the ArtAxis community and have a page posted on this website: is committed to providing an opportunity for the field to have a voice in its own direction, therefore, prospective members of artaxis are juried by current members of this site. When you apply with the materials listed below, your application will be sent to seven randomly selected members. The process rotates between members and is completely anonymous; there is no contact between the members of the jury and/or the candidate.

"I've been invited to be in several exhibitions by curators who have discovered my work on Artaxis."  –  Blake Williams

"Artaxis has been extremely useful to me as both artist and educator.  It's a great resource for my students and my career has benefited directly and substantially from inclusion on the website."  –  Lynn Duryea

"I regularly receive emails by those who found my work on Artaxis, and am pleased to be in association with such a strong group of self-juried artists."  –  Kristen Kieffer

"The site gives me more exposure as an artist, directing quite a bit of traffic to my own website."  –  Tyler Lotz

Your application must include:

a) 5 images (all images must be .jpg files and sized so that they are 72 dpi and 1000 pixels in the smallest dimension. 1000 x 1300, 1000 x 1400, etc)

b) your image file names must be in this format: j-doe01, j-doe02, j-doe03, etc

c) send a corresponding image description list as a Word file using the same labeling as above (ex. j-doe01, j-doe02, j-doe03, etc)

d) artist statement (as a .pdf file)

e) a resume (as a .pdf file)

f) if you have a website or blog address you would like to include in your application, put the address in the e-mail that the above information is attached to

g) pay the non-refundable $20.00 application fee via the secure Paypal link below. When you click on the Paypal button below, you will be directed to a secure Paypal site that accepts all major credit and debit cards. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay your application fee.

h) Artaxis has an affiliation with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and offers all current NCECA members a 25% off rate on the application fee. The application fee for NCECA members is $15.00

i) if you are a current NCECA member and are paying the discounted application rate, you must include a screenshot of your member ID page from the NCECA website with your application materials. You can access your NCECA member page by clicking the "Shop" button on, then click "Login".

Regular application rate: $20.00
Artaxis and NCECA affiliation image

NCECA member rate: $15.00

j) send all application materials to

You will receive confirmation after your application is sent out to the jury.

Artaxis agrees not to publish images beyond this site without first obtaining the owner's consent. By submitting images, you agree to let Artaxis use the images and agree to comply with Artaxis' copyright policies (please review it here). By submitting images, you also assert that you have the right to allow Artaxis to publish the images and agree to defend Artaxis Organization Inc. against any claims that may arise from publishing the images you submit.