Update your Page.


How to update your ArtAxis page (for current members)

1 - make sure all of your images are .jpg files and size them so that they are 72 dpi and 1000 pixels in the smallest dimension (1000 x 1300, 1000 x 1400, etc)

2 - if you are sending a new profile picture, it should also be a .jpg file, at least 500 pixels in the smallest dimension

3 - if you are sending less than 10 new images, please let us know specifically which images to remove to make room for the new images

4 - label images with the first letter of your first name followed by a hyphen, then your last name and the image number (ex. j-doe01, j-doe02, j-doe03, etc)

5 - send a corresponding image description list as a Word file using the same labeling as above (ex. j-doe01, j-doe02, j-doe03, etc)

6 - send any updated resumes, artist statements, bios, etc as .pdf files

7 - send all materials to contactartaxis@gmail.com