Anna Calluori Holcombe


With the Piante series, I have taken my work off the wall and back to the pedestal, combining the organic shapes to create unique forms with a broader vocabulary. I work with new technologies to create this work. I work collaboratively create models. We scan natural objects such as fruits, vegetables, seedpods, etc. with a Zcorp, 3D handheld portable scanner. The scans are then printed in the Objet, Eden, 250 3D rapid prototyping machine. I use the resulting resin models to make plaster molds then slip cast the pieces. The remainder of the process is rather traditional.

Taking natural objects and using them in a digital form creates a juxtaposition that I find interesting. The work evokes the vessel but hopefully begins to transform it in the mind of the viewer to a more organic form that suggests relationships.

— Anna Calluori Holcombe