A.M. Martens

Artist Statement

As we navigate through our daily lives we encounter an array of objects and spaces. Many of which we engage with on a functional level while others embody psychological impressions that are associated with past experiences, events, and people. My work considers these spaces and objects from the points of their liminality; the space between - how they are constructed. It is also within the liminal space of ourselves that bonds the memories, relationships, and experiences that ultimately define who we are and how we navigate our environment. By exploring these spaces and objects I am given the opportunity to reveal the layers that assist in shaping our own subjectivity and perspective.

Through the ceramic and drywall pieces I am approaching these concepts by focusing on the structure of the home, such as walls and windows. I screen print a photo onto the drywall with ceramic materials and then fire the drywall onto a ceramic slab. Putting the drywall into the kiln abstracts the image so that it is altered similar to the way that memories of our past moments evolve over time. It is through these past memories and experiences that we see our perspective, like looking out of our windows at the world around us.

-- A.M. Martens