Ali Della Bitta ( she/her )

Artist Statement

I explore the collision and the coexistence of our natural environment and the man made and where they meet in harmony or duress. By combining both ephemeral and lasting materials I recreate a dialogue of adaptation, forced change, manipulation, process, and entropy.  The interactions between the two environments can be both personal and societal. These points of contact between the natural and the fabricated speak of cruelty, angst, disregard, deterioration, futility, degradation, and disappointment. At the same time they exude desire, growth, attraction, adaptation, empathy, and ingenuity. Through my material combinations I communicate the awkwardness and sometimes absurdity of where industry and daily life meet nature. 

Recently my work has been informed by landscape, habitat, environment, and proliferation or extinction of organisms. My choices of materials reflect my interest in personal processes and the environment. The work produced from these concepts uses repetition of form in varying scale to construct an object. In the progression of this work, memory, ritual and domesticity find a voice among the relationships of these forms.


Ali Della Bitta is a mixed media sculptor and ceramic artist. An important element of Della Bitta’s work is an investigation into materials and the variation of these seemingly disparate parts. Throughout her career Della Bitta has a consistent single focus addressing the balance or imbalance between humanity and the environment. Originally from Connecticut, she studied sculpture and ceramics at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and received her BFA in 2003. She then went on to receive her Masters in Fine Arts from Purchase College in 2007. Della Bitta currently resides in the Adirondack Region of Upstate New York where she is an Associate Professor of Ceramics and maintains a private studio. She has had a number of solo exhibitions, public art projects, collaborative projects, and group exhibitions. Her work has exhibited both nationally and internationally.