Amy Smith

Artist Statement

The history and language of clay is rich; it communicates nourishment, bodily relation and visual delight. When I work in clay I converse within a sensual and tactile field.

In my practice I apply fluid glazes to carved surfaces. I leave a portion of the form unglazed for fingertips to find. Line, circle and space are my preferred design elements. I include a gentle rise and fall in form and surface. My pottery is meant to be beautiful. It’s function resides in providing a sense of calm.


Amy Smith is an artist and educator. She earned her BFA from Ohio University, Athens, OH and her MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Currently, Amy teaches Adjunct at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Smith exhibits her vessels nationally including: Pottery by Design The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA, Functional Ceramics 2014 Wayne Center for the Arts, Wooster, OH and Celebrating Collecting Past Present Future Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH.


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