Andrew Hoeppner

Artist Statement

It is as if I have never stopped being the audacious, frivolous, and curious boy I once was. So I continue reacting to the world as before with no hesitations and a tenacious open mind. Through this lens I incessantly explore, imagine, and create. Perhaps clay is my elixir. It allows me to look back and evaluate time and the objects that shape our world. Like the ceramic process, objects of the world are in a continuous flux. Objects are always moving, and reforming in space shaping the proximities of our daily lives. As I create, memories and the everyday are reformed to continue telling their stories. These physical images blend a seriocomic and likable experience as a way to investigate themes of self-doubt and inner struggle, rooted from the fragile moments and transition to maturity. Our perceptions of who we are and sense of self are easily constructed by our surroundings and these moments in time. My aim is to acknowledge the unseen that invisibly occupy the everyday, and to cast a shadow for “otherness” represented through personal iconography. It can be something as subtle as the orientation, color, or title of an object that subjects itself to being “different.” My hopes are to challenge perceptions, appropriate, and reload them with a more fruitful perspective.

-- Andrew Hoeppner