Andrew Koester

Artist Statement

I am a collector of objects: bicycles, books, baskets, clay, paintings, prints, plants, etc. I try to keep an interest in the world around me. Amassing these objects gives me continued movement through my personal space with never ending images, engagement and thoughts. The act of adding and arranging never seems to end; this helps draw new ideas into my creative process.

I am also a maker of objects, when channeling interests out into surface and form I am able to connect with seen and collected objects as well as the earth. Growing up surrounded by fields and pastures, there is inspiration in how the earth has such a variety of textures, colors and shapes. By letting clay twist and tear I find pleasure in not overly refining. From the simplicity of a hill to the complexity of a sunset, these are not just vessels they are ideas, memories, substance and joy.

-- Andrew Koester


Andrew Koester (b.1990) grew up in Effingham, IL spending a large portion of his time outside on his Grandparents farm or in the back of his parents running through creeks and playing in the dirt. He would receive a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree for Eastern Illinois University in 2013. This is where he experienced ceramics for the first time. It would lead to exploration and determination spending countless hours looking for his own voice in this art form. He went on to receive a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2017 where he was pushed and prodded to do just what he set out to achieve years before, find a voice.

He currently lives in Collinsville, IL across the river from thriving St. Louis with his wife, who is a high school Art Teacher, and their three dogs. He has held adjunct positions at Maryville University and currently at St. Louis Community College Meramec. He also works part-time as an Art Handler and teaching community classes at Krueger Pottery Supply in Brentwood, MO. Spending most of his free time in his studio, woodworking, gardening, thrifting and riding bicycles.