Angelica Tulimiero

Artist Statement

Through meticulous research and observation, I have come to realize the omnipresence of patterns within the very weft of matter. Each element possesses its own inner structure, a mesmerizing world comprised of repetitive forms. In this intricate dance of forms, I project myself into a fractal realm, drawing inspiration from nature's boundless repertoire of structures and textures. The process of translating these intricate forms and the illusion of movement they evoke, becomes a laborious yet deeply rewarding task. While my creations spring from the realms of imagination, they remain firmly grounded in our tangible world and the fundamental atoms of which it’s composed. Whether exploring the vast expanse of the macro or delving into the intricacies of the micro, I am captivated by the universal language that nature employs. Within this shared vocabulary of forms, I play with the duality of familiarity and the uncanny, seeking to create a unique visual language. My work acts as a bridge between the recognizable patterns found in the natural world and the surreal, stirring sensations they can evoke. It is through this synthesis of the familiar and the extraordinary that I embark on a quest to articulate my own language—one that resonates with emotions, speaks to the essence of humanity, and pays homage to the intricate structure of nature. Each piece becomes a vessel for storytelling, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of our emotions, the human experience, and the inspiring patterns that permeate the fabric of our existence.


Born in 1976 in Avellino, is a ceramic artist who has dedicated her life to the creative exploration and interpretation of the language of nature. After graduating in Applied Ceramic Art, she expanded her skills at Morley College, London, specializing in ceramics, painting, art and design. In the following years, she gained valuable experience working at renowned ceramic studios such as Stoltzman and Thomas in London. In 2005, she opened her studio in Pozzuoli and collaborated with the architectural firm Cappelli e Ranzo of Naples. In her ceramic research, she has explored wood firings, primitive firings, kiln building.

Currently she is based in Bozzolo, Mantua. Her recent activities include the solo exhibition “Particelle” curated by Microclima at the Serra dei Giardini in Venice in 2021 and the solo exhibition "TakoTsubo" at Le Nove Hotel in Nove, Vicenza in 2020. She was a finalist at the KICB, the Korean International Ceramic Biennial, in 2019 and 2021.