Anna Shipulina

Artist Statement

Within my practice, I focus on fluid movement, soft lines, and organic shapes resembling those found in nature and human bodies, seeking to evoke a sense of calmness and harmony in the observer. 

Significant part of my work reflects my fascination with the female body and the relationships women have with it.

Being in the female body can feel liberating but can also carry a lot of shame, trauma, and rejection. Through my work, I embrace the idea that flaws and irregularities are an integral part of life and celebrate the imperfections of the woman’s body.

Captivated by the raw elegance, simplicity, and color palette of the bare clay, I strive to preserve these qualities and keep a significant portion of my ceramics unglazed. My aim is to invite the viewer to engage in a sensory experience by physically interacting with the clay's surface to understand the essence of each piece. 

My work holds a touch of my hand reflected in its imperfect shape and the occasional fingerprints that I leave on the clay body. It’s important for me that the audience will get a feeling of the human hands that made the object.


Anna Shipulina was born and raised in Russia. In 2011 she immigrated to the US and since then called Los Angeles, California her home. In 2021 Anna signed up for a beginner pottery class. It was the first time she touched clay in her life. Pottery quickly became her passion and her career as a ceramic artist started to develop rapidly. That included classes in her community studio, workshops across California, and online classes all over the globe. she studied various hand building techniques, wild clay foraging and firing, alternative firings like horse hair raku, saggar, naked raku and obvara.In the fall of 2021, Anna became a student at the Los Angeles Valley College studying ceramics. Anna is participating in group exhibitions, art collectives, and completed caly residency at GET ART FIT in the fall of 2023.