Anna Syarova

Artist Statement

I knew about clay and ceramics when I was a 10-year old girl. My father, who is a painter, told me about a ceramics studio for small children. So it began like child`s hobby. The master of the studio, Nikolay Vakulenko, is still working today in the same place. When I go to this studio I always feel like a small girl. After many years I returned to ceramics as a professional artist.

While making my small sculptures, I think about many things: climate and genetic experiments, “pumping” energy- and bio- resources, internet and computers, future “forms of life” on our planet, and about aggressive man-made things. My art is a mix of clay, metallic objects, fur, wood, and other media.

-- Anna Syarova


Anna Syarova lives and works in Yalta and Moscow (Russia). In 2008, she graduated from the Crimean Collage of Fine Art. She is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, and a member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists. She works with oil-painting, graphic arts, and ceramics.