Annika Teder

Artist Statement

Clay is a part of the earth and the mother of all life. Making ceramics involves an interaction between matter and the human hand. The act of creation nurtures the human spirit, and this spirit gives birth to art.

My work is the endless variations of natural forms of the sea, earth, arcs, seeds....

I use paper clay and paper porcelain to express my ideas. Paper clay is well- suited for molding large installations as well as delicate sculptural forms.

The use of paper clay has come to me as a natural sequel to my previous experiments and endeavours. I enjoy creating the intense balance out of instability.

The arc form as image and symbol, landmark, urban architecture continuities to fascinate me.

I have been constantly amazed by the marvelous affluence of coral forms. It has inspired me to create a coral form of my own. I have been working with coral theme in many ways. Installation presenting symbolic coral reef captured in the message when corals die the oceans die.

Seeds inspired me with their colourful sculptural forms rich in fantasy. Seeds are vessels that travel through space time and are the pillars of human civilizations.

The astonishing beauty and variety of seed forms presented a new challenge to me as an artist. Full of experimentation with colourful paper clays I continue looking for new solutions.

-- Annika Teder