Anvil Williamson ( She, her )

Artist Statement

Through ceramic and mixed media sculpture I explore the complexity of the individual life. I am fascinated by our innate sense of purpose and the interplay of loss and redemption.

Though I utilize animal imagery, the content is human. Like the anthropomorphism found in children’s books and stories, I find animals to be useful agents for exploring delicate concepts.

I often choose small and disregarded subjects that are not always viewed as precious or purposeful such as rodents, insects, and rare or endangered species. I combine these with mechanical or industrial components as a representation of the unseen forces at work in an individual life.

Anvil Catlin Williamson


Though I was born in Spokane, Washington, I spent 15 years in Fairbanks, Alaska where I earned a BFA in Ceramics (University of Alaska Fairbanks) and became a full-time studio artist. My husband and I relocated to Helena, MT in 2022.

I was raised in an environment that highly valued science and theology together, yielding in me a deep curiosity about both the physical design and unseen purpose of living things from a young age. I am also passionate about teaching young students to be empathetic thinkers and thoughtful makers.