Autumn Higgins

Artist Statement

My ceramic work acts as a portrait of daily life. The porcelain forms are illustrated with drawings and observations of my local environment. By showing details of the day that can often be overlooked, my work brings attention to the beauty of the urban landscape. The muted color palate gives the work an unimposing quality, paired with clean lines and the contrast of glazed and unglazed surfaces the work has a sharp quality to hold the viewers attention. Function brings the viewer in contact with the illustrations, and gives them a chance to investigate the form, surface, and drawings.

I create narratives in each piece by illustrating elements that are representative and unique to local landscape. A viewer familiar with the setting can view the illustrations and recognize their city in the landmarks and buildings. The imagery is also vague enough that a wider range of people can relate to the content. Each piece allows the viewer to identify with the scenes depicted and form their own narratives to create a relationship with the work.

-- Autumn Higgins


Born into a family of artists, my mother a painter, and my grandparents who have worked in ceramics for over 50 years, I understand the importance of art objects in one’s life, and it only seems natural that I go into the art field. Beginning with small projects in my grandparent’s studio I have always had an affinity for ceramics.

My serious interest in ceramics began at Southern Oregon University in 2004-2008. The influence of the many instructors who came through the ceramics department has given me a diverse ceramic education and helped me to develop a unique voice and style. In the summer of 2006 I apprenticed under the French potter Jean-Nicolas Gerard in Valensole, France. Spending long days in the studio, I gained technical skill doing production assistance and studio work for Mr. Gerard. This opportunity also provided time to develop my own work and ideas.

In 2010-2011 I studied at University of Florida as a Post-Bacc student. I enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Louisiana State University in 2011, where I studied with Andy Shaw and Michaelene Walsh during the three year program which I completed in the spring of 2014. I moved to Minneapolis, MN, in 2014 when I was awarded the Fogleberg Fellowship at Northern Clay Center. I have remained in Minneapolis and work as a studio artist, an art instructor at a k-8 school, and teach various College and community education art classes.

— Autumn Higgins