Benjamin Demott

Artist Statement

A playful longing for solidity amidst operatives of change inspires this dialog with material. Highlighting impermanence, the contingent and assembled nature the work does not afford a lengthy duration or un-attentive interaction. The assemblages are built toward a position where the consequence of change is emphasized in the foreground. The intent is to draw the audience to confront the friction between wonder, awe and the trepidation felt by the prospects of uncertainty. That tension is a challenge, appealing for an open, rational engagement with the world, while simultaneously calling for a position that affords access to our vast inner dimensionality. I am interested exploring that tenuous relationship. Through compressing various representations of familiarity and preciousness, with agents of change, entropy, and material phenomena. The motive of my work is to question our relationship with impermanence. To be a companion and embrace what uncertainty offers is at the heart of this agenda.

-- Benjamin DeMott