Biliana Popova ( she/her )

Artist Statement

I have always been captivated by form, from the delicate curves of seashells to the undulating hills of a landscape. The interplay of shapes, shadows, and silhouettes never fails to capture my attention. I am particularly drawn to the way forms flow and blend into one another.

In my art, I focus mainly on the female form. The female body inspires me as it transcends emotion. I created two types of sculptures: large ones, which measure over 20 inches in height, and I constructed using clay slabs. These sculptures have a monumental quality to them and exude a serene presence. The more miniature sculptures, typically standing below 12 inches in height, are built solidly like quick studies and sketches. They are dynamic and playful.


Biliana Popova is a Los Angeles-based artist who works in sculptural and decorative ceramic art, metal, and fibercraft mediums. She is an adjunct professor at Glendale Community College and a ceramics teacher at Flintridge Preparatory School. She holds a Master’s in Ceramics from the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a Fine Arts High School Diploma. Since 2003, Biliana has taught ceramics in LA and has led numerous workshops and lectures at local universities and colleges. Biliana is a nationally recognized artist with multiple awards. She has exhibited at Laguna Art Museum, MOMA, LACMA, and AMOCA, to name a few. In addition, her work is on the cover of Lark Books’ “500 Figures in Clay”, 2014.​