Blanca Guerra Echeverria

Artist Statement

There is a saying in Spanish that my mother once told me: “Que tus sueños sean más grandes que tus miedos (May your dreams be greater than your fears).” What if my dreams are the same as my fears? Having a child is expected within my family’s culture, and I feel the pressure as over thirty of my cousins start families. For some women, uncontrollable circumstances can impact this cultural expectation. I wonder about my capacity for motherhood even as I long for it. I fear loneliness and the absence of something to care for. As I conceal intimate moments and reveal joyous hopes, I ponder stress through daily rituals of hair loss and investigate the human embryo in different stages of its creation through abstraction.

I find visual simplicity romantic, stimulating and beautiful, like an effortless reflection of light off a metallic surface. My work uses aesthetic language as a way to contemplate fear and longing. Through making, I translate my fears into optimism by creating works that attempt to fill my voids. The work embraces the idea of coddling and nurturing, and these acts are performed through making and transferred from maker to object to viewer in hopes of capturing love and empathy, as one would feel for a child.

-- Blanca Guerra-Echeverria