Brian Boldon

Artist Statement

I have a long view of technology. We are beings that take centuries to decide what technical advancements further humanity. All things digital are newborns compared to the distillation of human creativity that built our culture. It is in this gap that I work, between old and emerging technology.

Earth as recorder, kiln as creator, I use geologic process as a generative force, tapping into human origins and contemporary experience. I think of material transformation as creative non-fiction, record keeping for physical phenomenon and temporal events. Situations are assembled in kilns with unknown outcomes. New equilibriums are discovered.

-- Brian Boldon


Based in Minneapolis, Boldon is co-owner of In Plain Sight art with artist/ collaborator Amy Baur using 2d and 3d printing technology to assemble 3d environments for architectural and Public space.

Boldon received an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BS Art from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

At Michigan State University, Boldon coordinated the Ceramics and Graduate Programs from 2008-1996. Boldon coordinated the Ceramics Program at the University of Alaska, Anchorage 1996-1990 and taught Sculpture and Ceramics at Hamilton College from1990-89.

Using emerging technologies to tap into human origins and post-human dreams, Boldon exhibits, lectures and teaches workshops nationally and internationally. Recent work suspends the body in 3d printed porcelain and kiln-formed glass. Body energy gives way to automation as new body/machine relationships are explored.