Brian Harper ( he/him )

Artist Statement

I am deeply committed to a life of learning. I believe in the quest for knowledge in a broad sense, understanding that knowledge comes from a range of pursuits: experience, mentorship, self-discovery, and searching for (and into) the things that offer wonderment and excitement.

I am an artist, an educator, and someone who feels an innate responsibility to contribute. With this in mind, I pursue my interests not as novelty, but as motivation to become better at what I do. As experience is gained, so too is the responsibility to give back to others – through the reach and breadth of my artwork, the example and mentorship I give my students, and by my efforts to broaden the opportunities available to others in my field.

Ultimately, I pursue these interests in search of new experience, working to synthesize these efforts in search of a better whole.


Brian Harper is an Associate Professor of Fine Art and Head of the Ceramics Area at Indiana University Southeast. He holds a BFA from Northern Arizona University and an MA and MFA from the University of Iowa. His work has been exhibited in over 100 national and international exhibitions, including 8 solo exhibitions. In addition to his studio practice, he is the Founder and Executive Director of Artaxis Organization Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization with over 1,000 members in over 50 countries worldwide. Widely used as a resource by the general public, gallerists and curators, art centers, universities, students, and professional artists, promotes the professional pursuits of artists, while providing visitors to the website a wide array of peer-reviewed artwork relevant to the critical discourse in contemporary ceramic art. He was awarded tenure and promotion to Associate Professor at IU Southeast in 2015, and has been the recipient of two IU Trustees Teaching Awards, as well as four Summer Faculty Fellowships to pursue his creative research. Currently, he is living in New Albany, Indiana with his wife Tiffany and their daughter June.