Brock Flamion

Artist Statement

My current body of work consists of vessels as well as hand-built wall pieces providing layers of information and complex surfaces. I enjoy process. The surfaces contain various two-dimensional techniques including screen printing and paper resists. My interest in graffiti and tattoo imagery as well as the technical aspects of clay and glaze is reflected in the diverse usage of these techniques. The vessels are loosely thrown in order to achieve fresh, expressive forms. I view the surfaces of the forms as drawings, each one different but each incorporating similar elements. Sometimes the elements are individually framed resembling patchwork while other pieces combine the elements creating a composition around the entire form. Influences expand from the historical pinups of “nose art” graffiti on WWII airplanes and ancient Greek pottery to Pop art color schemes and contemporary flash tattoos and street art. Similar to a graffiti writer, brushstrokes can be deliberate and precise while splashes of color become rapid, sharp movements resembling the visual strength and purity of a dripping graffiti tag on a wall. Many of the surfaces have contrasting textures leaving a piece looking dry and aged to luscious and wet. Each piece is fired multiple times and may be further adorned by sprig molds, vintage floral decals, and gold leaf. I strive to create works that vary in function and purpose from the daily usage of a cup to an ornamental vase. Each telling a story with its individual composition, I intend to communicate a sense of wonder, discovery, and balance through form and surface treatment.


Brock Flamion grew up in Evansville, Indiana and graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a BS in ceramics. In 2011, he and his wife, Lisa, moved to Asheville, North Carolina and opened their pottery studio called 2 Hearted Studio. Brock has exhibited his work nationally and the couple travel to shows and festivals selling their wares. In early 2015, Brock and Lisa relocated to a ceramics cooperative called Clayspace Co-op in the River Arts District founded by Josh Copus. Here, they continue their studio practices and share space and gallery showcases with a total of 6 working artists.