Brooke Cashion

Artist Statement

I am a ceramic artist based in Western New York. Growing up in California, I have an affinity for diverse landscapes from the desert to the ocean. I fold my experiences in nature into my visual language. A revelatory ceramic research expedition to Colombia, during graduate school, resulted in an abundance of botanical references in my sculptures. The biodiversity of the land was astounding and I work to translate the vibrancy of spirit felt in experiences like those into my work. Clay and glaze lend themselves readily to this endeavor as I find its lyrical character mimics a life force as it transforms from slop to stiff, and dust to dazzle.

My practice focuses on the abstraction of vessel and tile and draws inspiration from Art Deco, country-western style, Pre-Colombian artifacts, and mingei craft aesthetics. I simplify my constructions down to basic components, like coil and slab, to intertwine concepts of nature and culture. 

Many of my works center on the form of a coil which I find all around and within us. It is the pipes, wires, and vessels that carry our energy, information, and waste. Transportation is a key theme for me as I’m endlessly captivated by how things move, grow, and change. The idea of the coil has become like a seed or specimen in my practice, one capable of generating the acrobatic and vibrant forms I see floating in my mind’s eye. As I continue to put the coil and slab to the test I watch for hints on what it all boils down to and what might bubble up from there.

--Brooke Cashion


Brooke Cashion was born and raised in Southern California. She currently resides in Alfred, New York where she is an adjunct professor and technician at Alfred University. Cashion received her BFA in ceramics from The University of the Pacific in 2010. From the central valley, she moved to Santa Cruz, CA where she worked as a studio technician at Cabrillo College. Cashion then located in Carbondale, Colorado for a year where she joined the collaborative workspace Studio for Arts and Works (S.A.W). She also worked at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and for Harvey Meadows Gallery (now Harvey Preston) and The Artstream Nomadic Gallery. Cashion was a post-bac student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she lived and worked for 5 years. In 2019 she completed her MFA from the NYSCC at Alfred University. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in Colombia. Presently, Cashion’s studio practice focuses on the use of conventional components of ceramics to grow cultural objects which explore the fluidity of the material’s registration through functional and sculptural modes.

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