Cara Jung

Artist Statement

I have always been very closely connected and strongly influenced by where I am, those that are around me, and big events happening in my life. I thrive on change and believe that new experiences incite creativity and keep my mind fresh. Each new opportunity reminds me of the myriad of roles that I have chosen to embody. I want to have it all, do it all, and see it all. Most of the time that just isn't possible, so I find inspiration in the illogicality of my expectations.

My sculptures begin as a complex vocabulary of clay parts. I work intuitively, trying to materialize the bedlam. Animate qualities often emerge, but the forms remain obscure. Completed sculptures are mated with bright colors, textured surfaces, and acrylic components. The sculptures are a hybrid mix of contradiction; maturity and innocence, machine and organism, novelty and familiarity. I try to make work that is visually alluring, but mysterious enough to push the viewer into the expanse of his or her own imagination.

-- Cara Jung