Chang Hyun Bang

Artist Statement

Tiny swine in my work has human emotions. Depression, anxiety, desire, obsession from my daily lives, and subtle emotions indescribable through language are conveyed to viewers through swine body language.

The space I dwell in is represented through abstract architectural structures. This is a floating space dependent on memories of experience, rather than actual space our bodies exist in, or phenomenological space where we meet the world and new languages are produced. Rational thoughts no longer exist, only primordial emotions are produced in this space. Languages, produced within the interrelations between buildings and swine unveil the mechanisms of the customs, regulations, desires, and power oppressing us.

The architectural structures do not exist independently, and remain meaningful only in relation with the pigs. The contrasting scale between tiny swine and huge buildings, colors and lines of architectural structures, and swine body language, are critical elements expressing the pigs’ psychological state.

Night is when these feelings most revitalize. My desire, covered by daytime consciousness, ancient wounds submerged in the unconscious, and unknown anxieties, reveal their entities in my night space.

While making pigs and constructing buildings, I emphasized the momentous and impromptu rather than precise any anatomy or accurate design. So I believe I can reach the world I have imagined through primitive senses left after excluding reason.

-- Chang Hyun Bang