Courtney Murphy

Artist Statement

My designs are influenced by simplified abstractions of nature, children’s artwork, folk art, mid-century modern forms and shapes, books, thoughts and conversations. I tend to work slowly, and I’m attracted to clean simple forms. I pay careful attention to line, both in my drawing, and in the profiles or outlines of the forms themselves.

I am intrigued by the details and imperfections found in hand-made objects, and the ways in which these marks reflect the maker of the piece. A slight change in the profile or image on a cup determines whether a person will be drawn to one over another. Bringing a new piece of pottery into my home brings a small clue into the life of the maker, what they were interested in, and perhaps what they were thinking at the time. Subtle details that you might not notice right away become evident through the passage of time and continued daily interaction with the object.

I love creating functional work because of the personal connection created when the work leaves my studio to become a part of somebody else’s routine. So many important moments in life are centered around the table. Cooking and preparing food can bring people together in celebration. The presentation of food can be enhanced and complemented by a beautiful serving piece. Handmade pots can also play a large role in quieter times, when you share a cup of coffee or glass of wine with a friend. When I look in my kitchen cabinets, I am reconnected to experiences of the past few years. Each handmade dish holds it’s own history and connection to a particular time and place. It’s nice to have these personal objects help preserve the memories of the places I have been and the people I have met.

-- Courtney Murphy