Craig Hartenberger

Artist Statement

My recent works refer formally to architecture and the visual language of design and pattern. Drawn to the tactility of something navigated by the hand, I create quietly nuanced forms which simultaneously express complexity and ease. They are un-glazed and sanded smooth, invoking a stone-like quality of the material. I add colorant to my clay as I seek to collapse surface and form into a singular expression. In my practice, I indulge in acts of labor as a meditative space, and see a connection between my labor and the labor of makers throughout time.


Craig Hartenberger (b. 1990, USA) is an artist working primarily in clay. Hartenberger has shown his work in a variety of exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, Denmark, Taiwan, and Australia as well as others. He received his BFA in ceramics from Missouri State University (2013) and his MFA in studio art from Kent State University (2020). He currently lives and works in northwest Arkansas.