Dan Molyneux ( he/him )

Artist Statement

I bask in the equality found in the micro and macrocosm, in the mathematical, the geometrical. Distant from the sanctimony of human nature. I find it in the elemental symbols that trace alongside human history, and in the cosmic matter that both precedes us and will far outlast us. Attempts to express the universal is often regarded as a disassociation from everyday life and the world around us, but this oversimplifies the complex relationship geometry has to the perceptible world: a visual language with a deep-rooted sense of ecology. There is an immense network of connections between all existence that echoes within abstraction. My sculpture explores abstracted compositions of elemental form that allude to that very same ecological standpoint.

--Dan Molyneux


Molyneux majored in languages, anthropology and comparative religion before pursuing a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic Literature. He first apprenticed with a sculptor in Bangalore, India in 1996; and then moved to Hangzhou, China to continue his studies and work in a local pottery studio. Molyneux presently lives and works in N. California, focusing on creating sculptures at a more intimate scale. His work is collected abroad and in permanent collections such as the International Ceramics Museum of Faenza, the Yingge Ceramics Museum, the Ceramic Art University Museum in Jingdezhen, the National Museum of Slovenia, the Fuller Craft Museum and the Crocker Art Museum.