Danielle Weigandt

Artist Statement

What is time? It cannot be seen, heard, smelled, or touched. It eludes all our senses, yet we experience it every day. Time is ubiquitous. To most, time is just a clock on the wall. A constant cycle of 24 hours resetting and repeating over and over again in a continuous loop with seemingly no end. My art gives form to these ideas in creative ways using art, geology, and quantum mechanics physics. Each cube is a product of time I call a ‘moment’ and installed together as sculpture, constitutes an ‘event’.

Going beyond just a clock on the wall, I seek to make time, a seemingly invisible event, visible.  My art, given sufficient time, will work within a dynamical system that has the same behavior over time in all the different phases of creation and through site-specific installations will create different interpretations of its meaning.  Stemming from the idea that the process of creating the art is just as important as the object that is created, the viewer can not merely move their eyes over the work or simply walk around it for there to be understanding. The viewer must actively engage their own interpretation of what time really is.  This way of making allows my work to be created in the present, while always being a representation of time past. Time is a constant: my cubes are the constant. How we view our time, how we organize and perceive time is what constantly changes: my installations are the changes. Like time itself, my work and these forms have no end in sight.


Danielle Weigandt grew up as an army brat. After living all over the southern US, her family finally settled in Utah. There she earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Art Education with an emphasis in Ceramics. Danielle taught for two years in junior high and middle school. She later moved to Oklahoma where she earned her Master’s of Fine Arts degree in ceramics at The University of Oklahoma.