Donald Ryan ( him )

Artist Statement

Working with clay since the age of 13, I have had a long and extensive relationship with this versatile, and primal material. My restless fascination and curiosity with all things ceramic has kept me engaged as an artist and craftsman for over 30 years.  My interests and influences over the years have included many different historical periods, forming methods, and firing techniques. 

I remain just as curious and fascinated by the range of possibilities working with this material as I did when I started.


Born and raised in Southern California, son of an Artist mother and a craftsman father. Surrounded by art and fine crafts from birth. Began working with clay seriously as a freshman in high school.BFA in ceramics from The Kansas City Art Institute, MFA from UCLA.Studied under; Jerry Rothman, Jon Stokesbary, John Mason, Ken Ferguson, Adrian Saxe.Currently living and teaching in Southern California.