Edurne Otaduy

Artist Statement

The relationship with nature and the organic world as an integral part of who we are is the basis of my work.

I find in this relationship with different life forms questions and answers to personal interests and concerns. My work explores and searches for   forms and colors as well as processes, cycles and interactions .Adaptations to fulfill different needs and environment conditions in amazing ways are a start point for new creations and understanding. As a biologist and artist I find a common language that bring together both worlds in   clay and ceramics where they merge naturally and deliver broad possibilities for aesthetic expression.

Marine and vegetable forms cross and exchange to give birth to new shapes and hybrids, microscopic organisms with bodies that change their shape constantly become visible to our eyes, and traces of passed life and existence that we need to decode through their vestiges are some of the themes that I develop in my artwork.

The observation and dialogue with these forms of life provide an open space for them to express, to be seen and bring us closer to that shared nature and identity.


After completing university studies in Biology and Science at the University of Miami, Edurne developed a career in science, research and innovation in Mexico. Different art expression had always been shared activities. In 2009 she started taking ceramic courses at different universities and later attended Art School of Talavera de la Reina in Spain obtaining a Superior Degree in Artistic Ceramics. In 2014 she earned an Erasmus scholarship to work with a British ceramist in Normandy. She has taken courses on Sculpture and Ceramics with recognized professors and ceramists like Enric Mestre, Angel Garraza and Juan Orti. In 2015 she returned to Mexico to continue with her personal studio work. In 2021 she attended an artistic residence in Faenza Art Ceramic Center, Italy and in 2017  AIR Vallauris, France. Her work has been selected in several International Ceramic Competitions as International Ceramic Contest of la Rambla ( 2019-Cordoba, Spain), I and II II Biennale Artistic Contemporary Ceramics at CECUT (2016 & 2018- Tijuana, Mexico), Mark Rotko Art Center- Latvian International Ceramic Competition ( 2018- Latvia) , – VI International Ceramic Biennale  in Marratxi (2018- Mallorca, Spain) and  19° Ceramic Biennale de Esplugues Angelina Alós (2018-Barcelona, Spain)-.She participated in the invitational exhibition in CCBC Gallery In Baltimore (2018-USA) and in the 48 th International Art Show at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts (2018-USA). Her work has been featured in solo and group art exhibitions in Italy, Spain, France, Latvia and Mexico and USA.