Eiko Maeda

Artist Statement

My work focuses on a technique called nerikomi, and I trained under Eiji Murofushi in Fuji, Japan. His work and involvement with public has been influential in broadening the field and increasing the number of nerikomi artists in Japan. After the passing of Eiji in 2019, I now have a mission of building on what I have learned from him to teach others and interpreting his work and passion in my own way to continue learning and developing this technique. I hope that the technique becomes more recognized in the field of contemporary ceramics, and that my small contribution helps to promote it.

-- Eiko Maeda


I acquired traditional urushi/lacquer technique at the Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, I have always wanted to continue in arts but it was much later in 2006 when I started learning ceramics. Ceramics training in the Visual Arts Center in Montreal helped me acquire and explore different techniques. After moving to Toronto in 2010, I have been working independently using many of the traditional methods and forms of Japanese ceramics to create contemporary design. Through my work, I strive to express the elegance, delicacy and modesty of the Japanese culture.

— Eiko Maeda