En Iwamura

Artist Statement

My work investigates how I can influence and alter the experience of viewers who occupy space with my artworks. I have been working on coil built ceramic sculptures with layers of slip, under glaze and glaze drawings. Inspirations of form, color, and subjects of drawings come from both American and Japanese historical and pop cultures, which surround my life. Through my investigation, I try to understand and process the atmosphere of the world in which I exist, with using little flares of humorous expression. There is an overflow of democratic images and information delivered by media and Internet technologies. We are bombarded by these different values of information passively and automatically by the system of society. Our lives get accelerated, and there is no time to breath. In that restless time flow, I find the process of ceramic art to be very meaningful because of its character. Ceramic artists have to spend time with clay’s speed and firing. (The ceramic making process is defined by the time required for the material to dry, and fired, this time process inspires me.) captures and solidifies the all times and things happen on clay as becoming ceramics. Ceramics last longer than human life, and we will communicate with future people with ceramic as an important information system.

-- En Iwamura


En Iwamura was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1988. The influence of both parents who are painter, he grew up in artistic environment. After graduate the BFA in craft at the Kanazawa collage of Art and Craft, he began to be interested in international Art world. he considers that the ceramic has the potential of being one of the international languages, which can cross the different cultures, people and countries.