Erin Paradis

Artist Statement

In my practice, I examine the moments of ambiguity that occur during times of transition in my life. My work is a recollection of encounters I have had with seemingly ordinary structures, spaces, and objects in my daily life. The encounters give me a sense of grounding and I experience moments of both stimulation and contemplation. I materialize these moments during transformation into large scale, abstract sculpture in ceramics, metal, wood, and cement.

I am curious about the emotive language in between disparate feelings, and how they interact internally with the visual information in these significant encounters. I wonder how the two might materialize as an interpretation of the experience and am compelled to put physical energy into that space with my sculptural work.

In my studio practice, I explore recurring ideas and objects fully, creating different renditions in various materials, in multiple dimensions, and with a range of complexity. I create abstract drawings, sculptural ceramic objects, and reinterpretations of drawn imagery with various materials. As I understand new materials, the concepts broaden and expand, requiring a new iterations of the objects I’ve created before. The investigation of how to depict a form is endless.

I am on a persistent quest to replicate sensations I’ve experienced in inspiring surroundings and contrary moods. The compilations of pieces I’ve created are placed in installations, utilizing re-occurring forms, lines, shadows, and patterns, engaging with and changing the physical space they inhabit. They put into play unusual compositions in the space, the layering of various materials, and the measure of time.

As I evolve, I remain committed to searching for and observing significant instances that encourage me to contemplate and investigate through sculpture.

-- Erin Paradis


Erin Paradis is a ceramic sculptor, living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her MFA from the University of Minnesota and her BFA from the NYSCC at Alfred University. She has worked extensively as an artist, resident, and instructor at art centers and academic settings both nationally and internationally. Erin is currently a Lecturer in Ceramics and Sculpture at the University of Minnesota and instructs at Bloomington Center for the Arts. She received the Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board in 2017 and also received the Open Studio Fellowship through Franconia Sculpture Park in 2018. Her work, Steadying Pause., was installed in the park in August 2018. Most recently she installed her solo exhibition Amended Accounts at Ridgewater College Gallery in Hutchinson, Minnesota

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