Gustav Hamilton

Artist Statement

I make work that reflects its position as an art object as well as my location psychologically, socially, and geographically as an artist. These reflections and references vary. In some cases a work may have a direct relationship with another object: a piece is propped up with a book that features an image of itself, or a ceramic tile may depict the work that it shares the space with. At other times the reference may be more vague: a stack of buckets becomes a “stand-in” for one of Brancusi’sEndless Columns, or a tile covered with saturated globs of glaze represents the overwhelming feelings I have in the studio. The content I work with comes as I alternate from actor to viewer and from past, present, and projected future relationships to the art world and my position within it. This makes room for both autobiographical and fictional information and areas where the two blur together.

-- Gustav Hamilton