Hayun Surl ( He/Him )

Artist Statement

As a maker, I began my journey with space starting with a small vessel to a landscape and observing the inextricable web of the hierarchy between object and subject.

I am standing here between space, place, and the gap in between as a “being” not as a spectator.

Every action is the ramification of perpetual friction among the layers of memories in different places.

I am making work to celebrate and validate my memory in place with clay as a record keeper.

It is a story about my ontology with my surroundings - It will exist beyond my ephemeral existence and will continue to create memories for others.


Hayun Surl is an Assistant Professor in Ceramics at Angelo State University in Texas. He received his MFA in Ceramics at Ohio University. Before coming to the US, Surl had a two-year apprenticeship pertaining to Korean traditional pottery and kiln design. Surl is excited about melding Eastern and Western techniques and philosophies. His work is heavily inspired by his background as an interior designer – dealing with space and how the subject evokes a response from the viewer.