Huey Min Teo

Artist Statement

Living in this highly urbanized information age, where our lives are becoming more and more virtualizes by the day, has awakened the desire to connect with nature within me. Together with unceasing news of environment problems from the media, it has gradually turned this desire into anxiety. As a ceramic artist, I have adopted the making processes for my artwork as a meditative approach to this uneasiness.

My work is the manifestation of doubts concerning my relationship with nature. Through the repetitive, labour-intensive actions of collecting, mold making and casting of botanical elements in my immediate environment, I look into the psychological aspect of my urge to connect with nature. The result of these activities also holds an archival quality in my artworks. These processes are like an accumulation of “vocabularies” which are later visualized into a “language” as an expression of my thoughts in regards to my environment.

-- Huey Min Teo


Teo Huey Min is a studio ceramist based in Singapore. After graduating with a MFA in ceramics from Tainan University of the Arts, Taiwan in 2014, she was shortlisted to work as a resident artist in the Utatsuyama Craft Workshop in Kanazawa City, Japan for three years. During this period, she was awarded the UNESCO City of Craft Memorial award and the bronze prize at the 6th Kikuchi Biennale. She has exhibited internationally and some of her credits includes: Taiwan Ceramics Biennale Exhibition Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, 2012, Contemporary Ceramic art in Asia – the beginning and changes of Asia, 2014 Contemporary Ceramics Art Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Pusan, South Korean, Contemporary Ceramic Art – 6th Kikuchi Biennale Tomo Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan and Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo Exhibition 21st Century Museum, Kanazawa, Japan.

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