Indigo Cristol

Artist Statement

My functional pottery is meant for everyday enjoyment. Bold graphic shapes and vibrant colors on my surfaces catch the eye. Upon further examination of the work, the organized patterns and clean lines are juxtaposed by flowing glazes and pinched interiors. Every surface of my work, including the bottom, is covered in designs of differing tactile qualities. A glossy glaze neighbors a velvety underglaze. Recessed carvings, raised slip trailing, and textured interiors contrast smooth bare clay. These elements are all meant to encourage further physical exploration of the work and to create an experience that engages all of the senses. This element of discoverability reflects the way that most order in nature cannot be seen at first glance. Unexpected patterns and subtleties in my pieces cannot be uncovered until someone holds it in their hands and becomes immersed in it.

I am captivated by the underlying precision and logic present in the natural world. Math and science are as exciting to me as the most beautiful sunset. The crisp lines and geometric elements in my pottery are a manifestation of my impulse to find and impose order even on the squishiest and most unpredictable of materials.

Flowing glazes and runny washes appear to disrupt the order I create. Though their beauty is created by precise chemical reactions, the final result of my work is determined by countless factors outside of my control. The seemingly unpredictable beauty of these treatments creates a duality in my work that represents my attempt to make sense of a world filled with infinitely unanswerable questions.

My work reflects the quiet awe I feel when existing in a world of overwhelming magnificence. I spent a lot of my childhood swimming and have always felt most at home when underwater, my senses all activated by the total submersion, but my mind clear and thoughts quiet. This elusive sensation is only replicated for me when I make pottery.

Interaction with my work is meant to evoke a parallel immersive experience for the user through the engaging physical and visual experiences of its textures and subtleties.

My pottery is not just about the vessel; it’s also about creating an emotional and tactile experience. My work should, as you explore and interact with it, spark a sense of exploration and whimsy.


Indigo Cristol is a ceramic artist originally from Williamsburg, Virginia. She holds a BA from The College of William & Mary where she double majored in Studio Art and Economics. She has completed two residencies and is currently a Post-Baccalaureate student at Virginia Commonwealth University.