Isabelle Coppinger

Artist Statement

Drawn to the meticulous and intricate, Isabelle translates the repetitive patterns seen in nature, into layers of delicate ceramic design. Using an x-acto knife and a low fire earthenware clay, she cuts into thinly rolled slabs of clay to create naturally inspired forms. Each coil is methodically added to embellish an adorned bloom. Each piece is precisely cut many times to leave a delicate order. Attaching each ceramic creation to metal rods, she installs her work piece by piece protruding off the surface of a wall. Playing with the depth of each piece she reveals dimensions through light and shadow. While some of her installations are planned for the gallery, Isabelle develops custom pieces for unique spaces as well. Each work is hand made, one of a kind and adaptable to fit any custom interior. 

“From the petals of a flower to an undulating school of fish, nature transfixes us with its intricate patterns of beauty. That an organized whole is indeed more than the sum of its parts inspires poets as well as visual artists, and in Isabelle Coppinger's work, she employs clay to capture this enigmatic order found in flora and fauna. Immersing the viewer in delicate, intricate arrangements, she provides us with a meditation on the inherent beauty in our natural world.” - The Highpoint, Richmond Virginia 


Isabelle Coppinger is originally from the woods of Western Massachusetts. Growing up in the country she was raised in a community of farmers, builders, biologists, cooks, mechanics, teachers, authors and artists. She is inspired by the hard working people in her community, as well as the natural world around her. Isabelle grew up with a deep connection to the land that has always managed to inspire her creative work. Isabelle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in ceramics and sculpture from Warren Wilson College in 2017 and has participated in workshops and internships all over the world, including studies in Ecuador, Peru, Italy, Denmark and Hawaii. She was a resident artist for three years at Odyssey Clayworks in the River Arts District and now works at South Side Studios in Asheville North Carolina where she continues to develop her work. She moved to New Orleans in 2018 for a year and now travels back and forth often as she just can’t seem to stay away for too long. Isabelle’s work can be viewed in the gallery at Odyssey Clayworks in Asheville, Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans, as well as numerous public and private spaces across the United States.