Jackie Brown

Artist Statement

My work stems from an interest in nature, science, and living systems and I believe wholeheartedly in arts capacity to enrich the way we see, experience, and understand the world around us. My primary focus is sculpture installation and I use abstraction to blur boundaries between the real and the imagined. Through each installation I strive to convey a feverish sense of immediacy and vitality and I aim to suggest limitless potential for growth, movement, and transformation. At the heart of my work is a love of material and I hope to invite people to look closely as they move through the space and encounter a myriad of forms, colors, and surfaces.

-- Jackie Brown


Jackie Brown has an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BA from Hamilton College. Her work has been featured in exhibitions across the United States, including installations at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Roy G Biv Gallery, the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, and The Clay Studio. Art residencies include time at the Archie Bray Foundation and participation in the Artist Studios Program at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. Brown currently lives in Maine where she is an Assistant Professor of Art at Bowdoin College.