Jason Starin

Artist Statement

I’m interested in how humans make and situate themselves in space, with their hands, bodies and minds. How do we locate ourselves in strange new contexts? The objects I make reference myth and geology, as well as sci-fi and fantasy settings. From a haptic awareness of form, space, and material my works are urgent responses to an amorphously ethereal existence.

I believe it is important to continue the human need to explore what is possible by relinquishing certainty in exchange for vulnerability. My sculptural objects attempt to blur the boundaries between function, support, barrier, obstruction, interior and exterior. I ask the viewer to take on the role of the user, confronting their compulsion to comprehend through visceral interaction and touch, yet, by design, deny them of that very experience. My works could be safe personal spaces, but I question if they would do more harm than good if utilized, rendering them as awkward objects.

How do we position ourselves in the uninhabitable? Will we continue to try to do so regardless? What continues to drive our sensibilities and impulses? Do there continue to be common denominators in human behavior, desire and apprehension? Or are there those among us with different attributes for discernment? What new responsibilities will we put on objects in the future? Beyond holding substance and space, how will objects continue to define our relational needs?

-- Jason Lee Starin


Jason Lee Starin received his MFA in Applied Craft and Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2011, and his BFA in Ceramics from Grand Valley State University in 1999. In 1998, he studied abroad at Kingston University, in the United Kingdom. Starin has shown in numerous group exhibitions throughout the US, notably at Katherine E. Nash Gallery, MN., Woodmere Art Museum, PA., Gravity Gallery, MA., American Museum of Ceramic Art, CA., The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, NC., GCA Gallery, NYC., Arizona State University Art Museum, Ceramics Research Center, AZ. and San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, TX. In 2017, Starin received an Independence Foundation Fellowship Grant to research his interest in Geomythology during a two-month stay at the NES Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland. Residing in Philadelphia, PA., Starin is an educator at The University of the Arts as well as The Clay Studio.

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