Javier Gonzalez

Artist Statement

The confinement and the exceptional crisis of this year have served to orient research towards an introspection directed at the human being. The different series on which I have worked use a universal, archetypal and timeless alphabet of shapes. It is my wish to add a fifth element of spiritual reflection to the work and the transformative play of the four elements involved in the complex art of ceramics, beyond the materiality of the pieces. If ceramics is capable of suggesting this reflection to us in its simplicity, my work will be rewarded.A certain humour is present. Also the joy of living in the choice of simplicity and refinement of forms.

Made to look at, so that the eyes feast on them, to get lost in them as they become a window, a bottle thrown into the sea, they expect no echo or immediate response. They enlarge our field of vision without responding to a logical or rational discourse.

They have their shadowy areas, their hidden side, highlighting our inner labyrinth. Mysterious like life itself, they are only separated from it by their artificiality.

-- Javier Gonzalez


I started learning pottery at the age of 15. Training in Fine Arts specialized in Artistic ceramics and Master in Theory and Aesthetics of Art. As an artist I have worked in sculpture with steel, casting of bronze and aluminum, stone, etc., painting, actions in the urban context and installations. In parallel I have had a renewable energy company that later specialized in construction applying a holistic concept of sustainable and ecological building, concepts that I apply when projecting in architecture. My years of experience in building prompted me to study architecture. I have lived in desert countries and studied mud architecture and passive climate control mechanisms in depth. Currently I am a consultant in architecture, architect and ceramic artist, for the year 2021 I have planned to introduce ceramic works in architectural contexts. I’ve lived in Switzerland for 9 years, I have architectural projects in southern Spain, in the only desert area that exists in Europe where clay, a ceramic raw material, is the fundamental material.