Jessica Kreutter

Artist Statement

I am interested in creating moments where worlds flow together. These moments suggest there is something more than what appears to be: a place that is inhabited by both reality and fantasy, a place between remembering and forgetting where beauty and disgust are intertwined. These points where boundaries are dissolved reveal different possibilities for how to imagine the world.

The porcelain objects in my installations have disrupted borders. I want to capture a form as it changes from a contained, operating organism to something uncontained, fragmented and entwined with nature, animals and objects.. This transformation of form, body or self is something we may experience in deep grief or death, in sexual ecstasy or through intense connections to spiritual or inner worlds. It is both a connection and dissolution that addresses eroding memory, violence and beauty, the persistence of nature, and the vulnerability of the body.

-- Jessica Kreutter


Jessica Kreutter has lived and made work in Denver, Portland, Knoxville and, currently, Houston. She has been a resident artist at Anderson Ranch, Vermont Studio Center, Art342, PlatteForum, The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Caldera and The Oregon College of Art and Craft. In 2013, she designed an ice sculpture in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver) and created an unfired clay installation for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Project Space. Her clay installation work is featured in the January 2014 Issue of Ceramics Monthly. She has shown at Vertigo Gallery (Denver), Castle Gallery (New York) and Red Arrow Contemporary (Dallas). In Houston, recent shows include Art League Houston, BLUEorange and SITE Gallery at the Silos on Sawyer for Sculpture Month Houston. In 2016, she was a recipient of a Houston Arts Alliance Individual Artist Grant.