Jimmy Stambrandt

Artist Statement

In Jimmy Stambrandt's work, slip casts made from random found and altered objects become the world his characters live and travel in. The characters curiously search for something and have to reinvent and improve themselves to adapt well to their new and often absurd surroundings.

Upcycled ceramic and porcelain figurines are given a second chance at life. They are turned into something different from before and asked to adapt to a world that often goes in dark (black) tones. But although the landscapes are dark, the underlying humor and splashes of color on the figurines balances each object well.

His process relies on a collage-like juxtaposition of opposites; old & new, dark & bright, handmade & slipcast. Stambrandt has created a library of cast images, which often have a humorous element about them. The works are fired and glazed several times for the desired effect and combined with different non-ceramic materials such as artificial spray paints and flock to create multiple levels of a world that may seem strange, frightening, absurd, or humorous. Just like our own world.

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